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players found that defensive players could grab them and use them to help them make tackles. Pants became more form Authenitc Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey fitting, but leg injuries persuaded Women Mason Raymond Jersey football officials to make improvements to pants by making room for pads to be inserted in Authenitc Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey the 1920s and Kid Dennis Wideman Jersey 1930s. The initial facemask was a clear plastic Youth TJ Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey Authenitc Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey Brodie Jersey see through strip in front of the mouth. It Women Mason Raymond Men Devin Setoguchi Jersey Jersey was replaced by a single plastic bar that was gray in color and then a double Youth Rasmus Andersson Jersey plastic bar. Offensive and defensive linemen began to use facemasks that protected the entire face in the 1960s thus improving safety. This style of facemask is referred to as a "bird cage."The original football was round and made of a pig bladder. The ball was difficult to blow up and by the turn of Authenitc Mason Raymond Jersey the century rubber was used in place of the pig bladder. It was eventually covered in leather. The roundish ball Elite Devin Setoguchi Jersey was replaced by the more Elite Dennis Wideman Jersey oblong shaped ball making it more aerodynamic with the advent of the Youth Devin Setoguchi Jersey forward pass in the early part of the 20th century. Players
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