“For those of us at arts colleges, the project of general education is a unique challenge. Where a traditional institution might structure the first two years to funnel student interest toward a major and depth and focus, our students come already deeply devoted to an artistic discipline. General education is often seen as an “add on” or an imposed distraction that keeps students from their real work: making art. In this welcome volume, Camille Colatosti gathers the voices of respected and established artists to speak to the notion that there IS no art without a grounding in the world and a knowledge of history. Speaking from their own experiences, visual and performing artists and writers give powerful testimony to the role of broad and deep learning in the development of a distinctive artistic voice.”  

Jenifer K. Ward, Associate Provost, Cornish College of the Arts

“The discussion that Camille Colatosti has assembled and organized, along with her broad reflections, will be of special value to young artists preparing to enter the professional world. It’s hard to imagine a collection that makes a more convincing case for the connection between artistry and breadth of understanding.  Alert and informed, witty and sensitive, the stories and reflections here speak of the learning and wisdom that coalesce into significant and lasting creative acts.  Read it to be inspired.”

Ron Levy, Ph.D., Chair, Humanities Department,                                                                                              
The Peabody Conservatory of  The Johns Hopkins University

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