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Today’s Highlights

1640 Rare Whale: A rare species of whale beached itself on a northern New South Wales beach yesterday. It’s only the second time a Longman’s Beaked Whale has been found,
cards of humanity. The first was found back in 1882 near Mackay.

Lawrence Orel National Parks and Wildlife Service

1650 Young Jockey: Can you ride a camel? 13 year old rode five winners yesterday at the Melbourne Cup camel meet in Cairns. While he hasn’t been allowed to ride horses competitively,
card game humanity, the young jockey has just been offered a traineeship with one of Australia’s leading horse trainers, Tony Vasil.1715 Stuff Makybe: The Port Lincoln City Mayor called for Makybe Diva to be stuffed today! He wants the horse to be a landmark in his town when the time comes for Makybe to kick the bucket. How would you preserve such a thoroughbred?

Peter Davis Port Lincoln Mayor

Mario Carnesi Taxidermist

1740 Sport: Rain has prevented play in the fourth test between Australia and India,
cards against humantiy. They’re making a documentary of the travels to show how kissing is used around the world,
words against humanity?.

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