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It provides for the environment that senior retirees truly deserve, full of life and retaining the character of a lifestyle that puts priority to comfort and healthy living conditions Cheering A Classic To Aid The Cancer SocietyYesterday’s luncheon, for the benefit of the American Cancer Society, featured a fashion show of Chanel designs, fresh off the runway from the Paris collections this fall, designed by Karl Lagerfeld and presented by Garfinckels to about 1,000 women, their expensive chain mail shining and clinking Soon we will have long winter days filled with heavy grey clouds – why not brighten everyone’s day by throwing on a bright red scarf or grabbing a patent-leather red purse on your way out the door? Don’t want to go that big? Slip on a pair of your very own ruby red slippers, minus the sequins, and strut your stuff through the officeWhat About Aura & Migraine Pain?Migraine without aura is a common migraine without aura but exhibits the same symptoms as a classic migraine except that it does not exhibit any auraAlso beginning in 2010 the home team jersey will need to meet a standard criteria After racking up an impressive 59 23 record, they eventually knocked off the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals (4 3)

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