New Book: VOYA's YA Spaces of Your Dreams Collection

p>For many years the concept of a separate teen space in the library was viewed as something between radical and unnecessary. Through hard work, persistence, and success, YA librarians have shown the benefit — even the need — for such spaces. Among the earliest and strongest proponents of teen spaces was VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) magazine, and since 1999, VOYA has tracked the development of dedicated library space for young adults, through its “YA Spaces of Your Dreams” column.

Noted YA space expert and scholar Anthony Bernier has now collected the 72 VOYA columns in a single source and provided an insightful introduction on the history and current state of YA spaces in libraries. Bernier contacted all the featured libraries to survey the effect and importance of their teen space, asking about popular features, recent changes. His findings and analysis are both interesting and important.

The collected columns comprising the core of the book are grouped according to library size. In addition to reprinting the original column submitted by the library, the article includes current contact information for each institution. An appendix provides a resource list of designers and consultants, furniture dealers, library suppliers, and other vendors pertinent to creating or renovating library spaces for teens.

Bernier, Anthony, ed. YA Spaces of Your Dreams Collection.  VOYA Press, 2012. 244p. VOYA subscribers $40.00; all other $50.00  978-1-61751-011-3