New Book: VOYA’s Guide to Intellectual Freedom for Teens

Mary K Chelton, one of the pioneer advocates for intellectual freedom for teens and one of the great leaders of young adult librarianship, says, “VOYA’s Guide to Intellectual Freedom for Teens by Margaret Auguste is one of the best and insightful books on the topic ever produced, not only because of her experience as a practitioner on the front lines, but also because of her background as a family therapist. The topical divisions of the book are just brilliant! This is a book for all of those like me, who still get infuriated by librarians who say, when exasperated by teens, ‘I didn’t become a librarian to be a social worker!’ Auguste shows us just how valuable insights from another field can be to our own. I love this book.”

VOYA’s Guide to Intellectual Freedom for Teens offers public and school librarians a solution to the challenge of book challenges.  Auguste provides a thorough explanation of the reasons young adult books are challenged. To help us understand the issues and deal with them rationally and civilly, she looks at censorship from the point of view of the author, the teacher, the parent, a community member, the teen, and the librarian.  Auguste examines the tools available to protect the intellectual freedom of teens, and provides an overview of several of the librarians who have fought for intellectual freedom. Along with this extensive information are activities, programs, collection development resources, and more ways for librarians to take a proactive approach to educating the community on intellectual freedom to prevent challenges from occurring.

Auguste, Margaret. VOYA’s Guide to Intellectual Freedom for Teens.  VOYA Press, 2012. 208p. VOYA subscribers $32.00; all other $40.00  978-1-61751-011-3